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The current Internet service providers use devices designed for specific applications and communication protocols and connect them to perform packet processing. The cost of operating and maintaining such network services has become a runaway trend, which requires us to seek a radical solution. Furthermore, it is expected that communication models for Internet applications will be shifted to new types, such as user-to-user communication models (e.g. WebRTD), and transport models with HTTP2.0 that focus on encryption and higher speeds (e.g. SPDY and QUIC). In order to handle such new communication models, we need to develop a more dynamic infrastructure that will enable the establishment of or shift to new network services, which is the main research subject of our consortium: the next generation network service platform. See example below

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Research Procedures

Survey of the current NFV trends

Study into new network architecture that is compatible with next generation applications

Establishment of a platform to test NFV-related hardware and software

Investigation of NFV-related items that should be evaluated, and the creation of an objective testing scenario

Creation of a data model that contains resources for NFV

Conducting of plugtests for performance and interoperability using hardware and software brought in by participating companies

Development of an NFV operation management system based on the insight acquired from testing

Disclosure of test result data

Proposal for standardization based on data


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